Internet Dating: Success or Failure?

If you measure Internet Dating by the number of successful marriages, you may be in for a shock.

In fact we visited the press release pages of the Dating Service that claims to yield the most successful marriages.  A professional audit says they generated nearly 30,000 marriages in one year, or 90 per day.  That same press release says that they have eight million members.  Taken as a percentage of the total membership means less than 1% of the membership gets married each year!

99 out of every 100 members met with disappointment! Now, that is a colossal failure !

Person2Know is a dynamic and creative relationship service for the 99 percent who failed to find a soul-mate! Person2know is introducing 9 relationship services designed to arrange the odds in favor of your meeting someone you can really talk to for a lifetime.

With our 9 relationship services you can experience fun:

1. Meeting single people of integrity who, like you, seek a deep and caring relationship

2. Enjoying local events where you can interact with other singles in a dynamic environment

3. Gaining poise as you come to know yourself through psychological, self-reports and tests

4. Enabling person2know’s VIP search engine to find your truly compatible soulmate

5. Experiencing self growth while attending person2know’s professionally directed seminars

6. Learning secrets of relationship building and how to make them blossom

7. Testing your current and future relationships with Person2know’s exclusive Check4Match system

8. Seeking professional advice as you ask Sara to solve relationship challenges

9. Receiving match-selections made for you based on scientific principles so you can relax and enjoy the excitement of meeting new and interesting persons to know


Meet quality singles seeking a genuine, caring relationship
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